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Apple Hill Orchards offers two great locations!

Apple Hill Orchards, located west of Mansfield on the second highest elevation in Ohio, was no doubt part of an established farm.  It began selling fruit out of the barn sometime in the 1930s and has continued doing so until the present day.  At some point, the Fredericktown orchard—about 18 miles away–was established.  It was at the Fredericktown location that produced the bulk of the fruit and housed the packing house for the wholesale part of the business.  Today, sales are 95% retail with both farms growing for the large retail operation in Mansfield.  

Mansfield Orchard

1175 Lexington Ontario Rd, Mansfield, OH 44903


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(419) 884-1500

Frederickstown Orchard

16780 Fredericktown Amity Rd, Fredericktown, OH 43019

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(740) 694-7688

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